ASEE is a member-driven organization. Perhaps you are considering becoming more active, but you are not sure where to begin. Attend an Executive Committee meeting at the Section conference, George Washington  University, Friday evening, April 8. Note the time and location on conference website schedule here.

We welcome new members and look forward to seeing returning ones.The Section conference is a place to learn about the activities of the Mid-Atlantic Section, Zone 1 and the initiatives of ASEE at the national level. It is an exciting time to be an engineer; become involved in the organization responsible for educating the engineers of today and the future. Students, educators, administrators, industry representatives and K-12 teachers are welcome! 

The Mid-Atlantic Section provides participants with the opportunity to receive the following awards: 

Best Conference Paper 
•Distinguished Teaching  
•Best Campus Representative

In addition, the Middle Atlantic Section Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient will receive a monetary reward in the amount of $500. 
All of the above Awards provide the opportunity for elevation to National ASEE Awards. The Mid-Atlantic Section continues the tradition of nominating worthy candidates for these Awards. Please consider nominating a worthy colleague for an Award. For more information about guidelines of nominating for Awards, please visit the link here. 
Note: The Distinguished Teaching Award is open for nominations through January 15 of each year. All Mid-Atlantic Section members receive instructions under a separate email regarding procedure for nominating a colleague. 

Eileen Haase and Harry Goldberg have WON the Best Section paper for 2016
2016 Distinguished Teaching Award
Congratulations to Dr. Ahmet Zeytinci, recipient of the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Distinguished Teaching Award. "Dr. Z" is Professor of Civil Engineering, University of the District of Columbia. He is a consummate role model of professional excellence and a provider of outstanding service to his students, ASEE and engineering education. 
Dr. Zeytinci    Ashwin Satyanarayana   Yacob Astatke     
2015 Section Award Receipients
Distinguished Teaching Award
Congratulations to Ron Rockland, recipient of the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Distinguished Teaching Award,. Dr. Rockland is Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is a role model of professional excellence and a provider of outstanding service to ASEE and engineering education
Ron Rockland       Pritpal Singh    Ashwin Satyanarayana  
Best Paper Award
Congratulations to Major Kyle V. Moses and Major W. Michael Petullo, recipients of the 2015 Section Best Paper Award, entitled “Teaching Computer Security.” Majors Moses and Petullo are faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, United States Military Academy. The paper suggests a new way to view computer security education to better protect computer systems in the age of malicious attacks.
W. Michael Petulo
Kyle V. Moses
Best Campus Representative
The Awards Committee selected Ahmet Zeytinci,  "Dr. Z" University of the District of Columbia as the 2015 Best Campus Rep. Dr. Zeytinci is Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Architecture and Aerospace Technology. In addition to promoting the principles of ASEE on campus he also performs Numerical Methods in Structural Analysis, Vibrations, Plates and Shells. 
Ahmet Zeytinci    Pritpal Singh    Amit Bandyopadhyay